Who is ECG World Tours ?

In 2010 we noticed a void in reasonably priced global events. While there were several events offered, many were over priced, unorganized, had predictable/average themes and lacked quality customer service.


We then started ECG World Tours with the belief that if we provided events with unique themes, kept our prices reasonable, and offered excellent customer service, people would support us.


For 10 Years We Have Provided Unique, Luxurious, & Fun Filled Experiences Around The World With Excellent Service At a Reasonable Price.


We have been blessed and are happy to report that our global events have grown from 75 to over 800 guests per event, and we are still growing.


We value our customers and show it through our consistent stellar service. We never take for granted that if there were no YOU there would be no US.


Thank you for supporting our events.  We promise to continue giving you unique and enjoyable events at a remarkable price.



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